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Life Saving Instruction is a proud Authorized Provider of The American Red Cross and of The National Swimming Pool Foundation.  Life Saving Instruction opened in 2008 by Robert James Buhner.  Life Saving Instruction strives to offer the highest quality instruction by professional well trained certified instructors.  We offer several American Red Cross Health and Safety courses ranging from community level CPR/AED and First Aid training through professional rescuer level such as Lifeguarding and Emergency Medical Response (First Responder Equivalent) in addition to the National Swimming Pool Foundation Pool/Spa Operators Course.  Every instructor with Life Saving Instruction is a professional because we understand the importance of the information being presented to our students.  We want every participant of ours to retain more information and have greater competence than they would have obtained anywhere else.
Robert Buhner, President
In 2005 Robert Buhner became an Emergency Medical Technician to follow his interests in health and safety.  While certified as an EMT, he continued his work at his local aquatic facilities.  Picking up as many basic level certifications and instructor level certifications as he could and began building up his teaching skills to the highest standard achievable.  Robert then saw the need for a certification school that has instructors that not only care about the successful course completion of the students but also has instructors that have a great understanding and knowledge set and that teach to the highest standard so the students will retain the knowledge and skills longer. 
Health and safety has always been a big part of his life and he wants everyone who is taking one of these courses to have a good understanding and skill set to be able to take with them.
"Knowing how to save a life is one of those things you shouldn't keep to yourself and it is such a reward knowing that the students you taught are going out into the world knowing what to do in the event of an emergency."
- Robert Buhner